EOOS Embrace Chair Announced

Renowned Austrian design trio EOOS and Carl Hansen & Son have collaborated to create the Embrace Chair, a reinterpretation of a classic dining chair can stand alone as a work of art.

Martin Bergmann from EOOS explains: “We sought to create a design that is at once precise and relaxed … to design a chair whose wooden structure is continuous, with legs that are not mere appendages to the upholstered upper part of the chair. So we devised a soft cushion in a shape that could be folded into three dimensions and thus function as a seat, back and armrests in one.”

While intended as a dining chair, the Embrace Chair’s elegant design works well in a variety of locales from waiting rooms to living rooms.

Carl Hansen & Son and EOOS are currently fine-tuning the final design of the Embrace Chair.

It will be available at Danish Design Store this autumn.

EOOS Embrace Chair Announced
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